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Company policy

Alfred Beck GmbH
Company policy

Principles and motivation

Our company policy sets out the principles and motivation of our integrated management system, focusing on quality and the environment.

We use these to support our assertions on customer orientation and the continuous improvement of all our business processes. Quality, competitiveness, innovation, working safety and protection of the environment are the basis for the future existence of our company.

Product quality and reliability are matters to which we attach great significance also among our customers; however, we always try to be a cooperative and reliable partner. The organization and its context, the needs and expectations of interested parties and environmental aspects along the life cycle are regarded and assessed annually. The aim is to ensure an appropriate strategic orientation of the company, therefore the risks and opportunities of the current context are analyzed as well as potential future developments and challenges are taken into account and thereby appropriate means of control are initiated.

The management and staff of our company undertake to maintain and implement our company policy; to verify and optimise our quality and environmental system, to integrate the required standards into all company processes and to comply with all legal requirements, legitimate administrative demands and all further compliance obligations related to the relevant interested parties.

Customer satisfaction

  • Our customers are the focus of our activities
  • We research and define customers’ requirements and wishes
  • We provide efficient customer support through our know-how and flexibility

Delivery accuracy

  • Consistently high-quality delivery accuracy
  • Deliveries coordinated with our customers

Error avoidance

  • Our processes are planned and monitored in such a way as to avoid errors at all stages of order processing

Continuous improvement

  • Targeted and continuous monitoring and improvement of our quality and environmental processes
  • Cost reduction by planned feed-back loops and action plans

Staff responsibility

  • Develop and challenge staff by regular training
  • Independent recognition of quality defects
  • Development of suggestions for solutions
  • High quality and environmental awareness in all areas
  • A Suggestions Scheme to increase quality and reduce costs

Protecting the environment

  • Economical use of resources
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the environment
  • Minimisation of rubbish
  • Staff safety
  • Invitation to our business partners to treat the environment with care and respect
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